George E. Pessotti, President Emeritus



George E. Pessotti is a 1970 graduate of Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

He has a BS/BA in Management.

Early on, he worked at General Electric in Lynn, Massachusetts. By 1973, he had graduated from the Financial Management Program (FMP). From 1975-present, he has owned and operated several businesses.

He is an Independent Agent, Certified Estate Counselor and Long-Term Care Specialist, and has worked extensively with many elder-law attorneys.

George is appointed to an Industry Elite Advisory Council. In addition, he is President of the Northeast Chapter of the “Society for Financial Awareness” (SOFA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit speakers bureau, and a Director for the “Foundation For Financial Education”, also a 501(c)(3) non-profit speakers bureau. In 2017, George was inducted into Insurmark’s Hall of Fame for continued and outstanding achievement and dedication to excellence, acknowledging him as “…a role model for bringing new levels of integrity, innovation, service, and excellence to the industry as a whole, ensuring that what we do enriches our service to others.”

George’s published works include many estate planning articles, and his published book “Reason for Living” chronicles his near death experience from a gasoline explosion in 1979 that burned over 85% of his body.

George has served as President and Pro-Tem Executive Director for the international non-profit organization, “Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors”. A passionate advocate, George has dedicated his life to burn survivor causes. His charitable endeavors have raised thousands of dollars for charity. In 2006, Mr. Pessotti received the coveted “Breslau Award” from the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors- their highest honor.

George has been the key-note speaker at several local and national events. His humor, charisma, and vast knowledge of estate planning, real estate and retirement planning make him a valuable asset and educator.

To invite George to speak at your event, or if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact form on this website. George also welcomes your direct contact:

Phone: 508-612-8101



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  • I would just like to thank Mr Pessotti for visiting my nephew Alex Haas in Mont a Vernon , NH. He truly walks the walk. My nephews accident happened outside the US in Taipe Taiwan. My twin and her family were all there within 24 hours. Support from family, friends and strangers alike were tantamount to his survival I truly feel. I believe in prayer and inner strength coupled with the latter are so important as well . As Mr Pessotti knows in the beginning it’s an hour to hour then day to day struggle . I wish Mr Pessotti continued health and know he will continue to help others for the rest of his life .

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