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Steve Pessotti
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Stephen Pessotti, a native of Westford, Massachusetts, grew up with a passion for sports and spending time with his family. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1996 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Today, Stephen is the President of Pessotti & Associates, and an Independent Insurance Agent who has been helping people reach their Estate and Retirement Planning goals for over 18 years.  A passionate advocate for financial education, he often partners with the non-profit organization, SOFA (the Society for Financial Awareness) to present free financial education workshops to the public.

When not working, Stephen loves spending time with his wife, Lori, and their two young children. Having inherited their father’s love of sports, Stephen can often be found volunteer coaching one of their games.

Steve welcomes your direct contact:
Phone: 617-834-3460

Your Weekly Retirement & Estate Planning Tip!

Invest in the Right type of Insurance

Investing in insurance plans is the best way to protect yourself from unplanned financial damages and losses. Insurance protects your family from financial issues and problems even when you are no more. For instance, buying a funeral insurance plan can help your family to pay for funeral costs without bearing a financial burden. And life insurance can replace your income after your death. Similarly, you can buy disability insurance to protect your ability of income-earning in case of a serious or permanent disability. So, assess your insurance needs and buy the right insurance plans for greater financial protection and peace of mind.

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